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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

If you live in Northern California, you might have found yourself asking this essential Life insurance question, “How much Life insurance do I need?” The answer depends on your family needs and objectives. Life insurance will not replace you, but it can help provide your family with money they will need to:
  • Pay final expenses
  • Make adjustments in life
  • Replace the income you previously provided
  • Keep your family situation as familiar as possible (i.e. home, school)
  • Create a college fund
  • Provide for emergencies
  • Provide for child and/or home care
Together we can decide how much might be right for you.  Why don’t we work with your individual situation to determine the right solution? It only takes a few minutes to request a quote from NorCalQuote.com. Below you will find a quick and easy California Life insurance worksheet, simply fill this out and contact us today....

Life Insurance Needs Worksheet

FUNERAL – $ ______________ If something had happened to you last night there would be some bills to be paid this morning. One of the first bills that would have to be paid would be the funeral. Have you any idea what it could cost? BILLS – $ ______________ If you’re like most people I know, you probably owe a little money. Doesn’t everybody? What would it take to pay those bills? HOME – $ ______________ Are you buying your home? Would you mind writing your loan balance down for me? INCOME – $ ______________ There are a couple of other things that are almost as important as the home. Your family would need food and clothing. What do you suppose is the least per month they could get by on? At $ ___________ per month, that would be $ ________________ per year. If your family needed that income for ________ years, that would be $ ____________. Now let me ask you, if you died last night, is there anything that you have written down that your widow and children wouldn’t need this morning? If there is, just cross it out. Okay, would you add it up for me? Would you mind subtracting the amount of insurance you own? Let’s see, didn’t you just say that if something happened to you that these would be the minimum needs for your family? Do you realize that this can come from only about four sources? Friends, relatives, charity, or you. How much can you save per month to make certain your family has this kind of protection?
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