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Flood Insurance – To Have or To Have Not?

Did you know that your California homeowners policy does not include flood damage? Not sure if you need it? Well here's a bit of information that just might be of help... What is Flood Insurance?
  • Flooding is the #1 natural disaster in United States of America.
  • Anywhere it rains, it can flood.
  • Home insurance policies and the vast majority of commercial property policies do not cover flooding.
  • Over the course of a 30-year loan, a home located in a high-risk flood zone is 4Xs more likely to be flooded than damaged by fire.
  • Did you know that 25 to 30% of all flood claims are paid on properties in low to moderate risk areas.
  • Lenders require flood insurance in high-risk flood zones. California Flood insurance is optional, but advisable, everywhere else.
  • The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a Federal government program. However, because Farmers Insurance participates in the NFIP, Norcalquote.com offers this vital coverage to our customers anywhere in Ca.
Customer Benefits
  • Coverage is available for residential and commercial properties.
  • Anyone in a participating California community can purchase flood insurance even if they’re not in a high-risk flood zone.
  • Low-cost coverage is available for properties that are in low-to-moderate-risk areas.
  • Coverage is available for tenants as well as property owners.
  • Want to know more about how flood insurance can protect you? Click here now!
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