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Professional Liability Insurance

Liability InsuranceIf you’re a broker, lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, or anyone providing professional advice or services, you need professional liability insurance to protect you from the costs associated with negligence claims. Professional liability insurance is essentially a form of errors and omissions insurance for professionals. It protects professionals should a client claim that he or she experienced financial loss due to an error or omission made by the professional. Coverage includes:
  • Defense costs
  • Damages awarded
  • And more…
It is important to be aware that virtually all professional liability insurance policies are issued on a claims-made basis. That means that coverage is only provided for claims that are made during the policy period. In other words, coverage stops when your cancel the policy and any claims made before the the policy was purchased won’t be covered. At NorCal Quote, we can tailor a professional liability insurance policy for your Northern California business. For more information or to get a free quote call 707-923-2179 or fill out our online form.
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