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Sign Up for Social Security Electronic Payments

If you were reading in the local paper about the upcoming 2013 changes to Social Security, you might be wondering or even concerned about how not to see any interruptions in your monthly California Social Security benefit payments. Here are the Top 2 ways.... First you can choose to have your benefit payments directly deposited into your Bank Account. Contact your bank, credit union or savings and loan association directly and they will be happy to assist you with this. For a few other suggestions click this link--> Social Security Online. I spoke with our local North Valley Bank in Garberville, Ca today, and if you are a North Valley Bank member, it's as simple as taking your Social Security check directly to the bank, they will walk with you to their on-site Customer Kiosk Center,and sign you right up. You can also phone them directly at 1-800-750-7077 and they can assist you right over the phone? Second if you do not have or need a bank account, consider the Direct Express® debit card as another primary option. For more specific details on this you can visit this link. Want to know more about acquiring Medicare-Supplement insurance? Visit this page. No obligation, contact us for more questions. 786 Redwood Dr. Garberville, CA 95542 Phone:707-923-2179 Toll Free:888-495-6715 Fax:(707) 923-9550
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